Disinfect: Destroy bad input.

Release v0.2.0 (What’s new?).

Disinfect allows you to validate and sanitize incoming data.

A quick example:

import disinfect as d

mapping = d.Mapping({
    'first': d.String(),
    Field('infix', default=''): d.String(min_len=0,
    'last': d.String(),

    'addresses': d.ListOf(Mapping({
        'zipcode': d.String(min_len=5, max_len=5),
        'housenumber': d.Int(min_value=1),

user = mapping({
    'first': 'Nils',
    'last': 'Corver',
    'addresses': [
        {'zipcode': '71486', 'housenumber': '49'},
        {'zipcode': '59546', 'housenumber': '709'},

assert user == {
    'first': 'Nils',
    'infix': '',
    'last': 'Corver',
    'addresses': [
        {'zipcode': '71486', 'housenumber': 49},
        {'zipcode': '59546', 'housenumber': 709},

with raises(d.MultiValueError) as exc:

assert exc.value.to_dict() == {
    'first': 'Field is required.',
    'last': 'Field is required.',
    'addresses': 'Field is required.',


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Disinfect is written and maintained by Nils Corver.

A full list of contributors can be found in GitHub’s overview.

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