Pandora: Box of utilities

Release v0.2.3 (What’s new?).

Pandora is a package with all kinds of handy utilities that will speedup your development process.


Path provides a matching method inspired by Rule in Werkzeug. The idea however, was the extract this awesome matching (and sorting) technique and use it wherever and however you want. We use it in Avenue (routing) and Laborer (auto-parameter-providing) for example.


Added even more flexibility to the already very powerfull peewee. The database package provides a manager, flexible proxy, extended model class, a database analyser and automatic migration.


Inspired by inflector this module gives you the ability to undescore, parameterize, clean and transliterate your strings.


Laborer is a method provisioner. It scans the called method which arguments it accepts and tries to provide these based on your defined providers. Now you can easely provide a method with request parameters by simply adding params to your method definition.


A mail message wrapper that allows you to sent personal e-mails with automatic CSS inlining, text versioning and a clean interface to do it with.


Monitor your project while you are developping. Simple write hooks in python and add them to your monitor. Based upon the excellent watchdog project, use it with pandora.shortcuts to compile coffeescript, SASS/LESS, restart your application, build documentation and anything else you need while developping your application.


Provide some shortcuts for compiling coffeescript, less and sass. These do require that you install some external libraries before you use these.


This module provides utils that you need when you develop your applications. Simply load/save YAML or JSON, read of write file content, progressbar, timer, dns checker, dict merging, etc.


A comparable version class, that allows you to create, maintain, update and compare a version number based on PEP 440.


A compatibility util for packages that need to work on Python 2 and Python 3.

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